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Disconnection and Decision-making: Adult Children Explain Their Reasons for Estranging from Parents

Not to be confused with parental alienation

The study findings offer a phenomenological examination of the adult child’s beliefs,
ideas, and musings about their estrangement. Participants reported 40 current estrangements from parents (23 mothers and 17 fathers) at the time of the first interview. Of
these, 23 estrangements were initiated by the participant and 16 were maintained by the
participant after being initiated by the parent or occurring after a mutual lessening of
contact, while one was initiated by the parent to the dissatisfaction of the participant. The
majority of participants (n = 14) were estranged from both parents; nine from their
mother only, and three from their father only. There were 36 physical estrangements and
four emotional estrangements. Physical estrangements ranged from one month to 39
years, with the average lasting around 8.5 years. Long-term emotional disconnection was
also a component of many participant’s lives, with 18 out of 26 participants saying they
were emotionally estranged from at least one parent during childhood (accounting for 25
estrangements). Five female participants, who were estranged from their mother only,
had also experienced at least one period of physical estrangement from their father. One
female participant had begun to reconcile with her father at the time of the second
interview, and no longer classified herself as estranged from him. Four participants were
estranged from a parent at the time of their death and these estrangements are counted in
this data.


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