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Your Adult Child Is Getting Divorced

As a parent, you want to be there to help your children through every life milestone—the good and the bad. Unfortunately, this can sometimes include supporting your adult child as they go through a divorce with their spouse.

While it’s a challenging situation, there are ways to help your child navigate this obstacle. In fact, psychologist Marsha Temlock wrote an entire book on the subject titled Your Child’s Divorce. The text breaks down exactly what to expect and how you can help your child during their split.

Although there’s no one way to be there for your kids, the psychologist offers a wealth of information in her popular book. Ahead, discover Temlock’s advice for supporting adult children who divorce. Here’s how she suggests you take on the challenge.

Part 1: Accepting the Decision


Part 2: Dealing With Change


Part 3: Strengthening Family Bonds

The Bottom Line

Although every family and divorce is different, Temlock makes an effort to encompass a variety of different situations. For instance, you might find yourself sharing a home with your grandchildren or losing contact with them. You might be able to maintain a cordial relationship with your child’s ex or you may face a more difficult situation. However, no matter what, you’ll find ways to support your adult child during and after their divorce.


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