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What Is Parental Alienation Syndrome And The Effects On Children

When attempting to recognize Parental Alienation Syndrome, you may notice some of the following symptoms:

  • One parent is blaming the other for financial issues, or for the child not being able to do a certain activity. You might hear something similar to, “Well, you can’t be taking swimming lessons any longer. Since your father left us, we have no money to spare.”
  • The child is arguing with one parent, and the other encourages the argument or does not help them solve the disagreement.
  • One parent is refusing to share medical or educational records with the other parent. Both parents have the right to receive information about their child’s health and educational well-being.
  • When the child has a mark or a bruise, one parent jumps to the conclusion that the other parent was physically abusive without any evidence or reason behind the assumption.
  • One parent keeps secrets or speaks in a special language with the child, and no one is able to understand. This separates the child further from the other parent.
  • One parent is asking the child to choose between their two parents and to state which one is better. They may say, “Tell me the truth, which house do you like staying at better?” Or, “Who is more fun, Mommy or Daddy?”
  • The children are given too much information surrounding the divorce, specifically negative information about the other parent.


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