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Christmas Planning – Day 6

Why not host an Orphan Christmas – I must admit that I have never tried this one, its a fairly new concept but an interesting one!!!

The term is also used for a Christmas holiday celebration attended by adults unable to attend more traditional family celebrations, usually due to inability to travel during the Christmas holiday season. One example could be a party hosted by a social club in a major city where not all the club members can visit their families over the holidays. The celebration may take many forms, from a formal dinner at a restaurant to a dance party to a potluck hosted at one participant’s house.

The term “orphan” is used not in the more traditional sense of lacking family entirely, but to indicate the fact that the attendees are without family for the holiday season. This type of celebration is most common among groups of people living overseas[5][6] but is also seen in most major cities,[7] where the large population means that statistically some people will not be native and some non-natives will not be able to travel.

‘I’ve invited a stranger for Christmas’ This Christmas, a tree in Halifax, West Yorkshire, has three presents among the others under its branches, each labelled “George Stubbs”.

Why I invited strangers to Christmas dinner

What’s it like when holiday guests aren’t friends or family? (Answer: Totally heartwarming)

What it’s like spending Christmas Day with strangers you met online

Christmas might usually be about swapping presents, family dinners and spending time with your relatives. But can you imagine spending the big day with a bunch of strangers instead?

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A Carnoustie family is spreading the true meaning of Christmas by opening up their home to an elderly stranger facing the festive season on their own.

Introducing Orphan Christmas – Like Tinder, But For Christmas Day!

With Christmas Day just around the corner, many are in the process of making arrangements to celebrate with friends, family or loved ones. But what of those members of the community who don’t have any options or invitations to share on Christmas Day celebrations? Let’s face it, there is nothing worse than being alone on Christmas Day.

Let’s introduce you to, a website that allows people around the world to open their hearts and homes to celebrate Christmas and to connect with others in their community who may otherwise spend this time alone.

My first ‘orphan’s Christmas’: why you never really get used to spending Christmas far from home

OPINION: I spent the lead-up to my first orphan’s Christmas in denial.

I did have some family in the unfamiliar land I’d stranded myself in indefinitely, I told myself, so I’d be damned if I was going to spend the Big Day alone.

Welcome to ‘Orphans’ Christmas’ – an annual celebration held by people who are unable to spend the day with their family or relatives.

It isn’t an official event, though sometimes certain venues do host lunches and dinners on Christmas day specifically for orphans, but instead takes place at various flats and student houses all over the country.


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