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Resisting Temptation to Spoil Christmas

Resisting Temptation to Spoil

Christmas is a time for giving but also a time to spend with the ones we love – be careful not to get the two confused. It can be easy to try to make up for not being there by spoiling your child or try to compete with their mother as the best parent. Instead, think of ways to create special memories together, such as visiting Santa, playing in the snow or making Christmas cards together.

Extended family

As well as you and your ex, you need to consider extended family at Christmas. Grandparents on both sides will want to be involved and still need to be a part of your child’s life. Perhaps they can come to yours and join in when your child comes to visit or you can arrange a date with your ex when they can visit. Make sure that they do not feel cut out as it is important they maintain a relationships with your child.

Put your child first

Although you will want to see your child’s face when they open your great gifts, you need to put their needs first. If the journey is going to be too long or hectic to do at Christmas, you may have to forfeit it. Also don’t make them miss a party or Christmas play so you can see them as they will only resent this.


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