Female Sociopaths – The drama queen

They are also perfect on invoking a pity, able to act like a “drama queen” ( What is a Drama Queen)

In literature, the character Scarlett O’Hara from Margaret Mitchell’s Gone with the Wind would be considered a drama queen by today’s standards. This type of person is notoriously self-centered and self-absorbed, often viewing friends and relatives as lesser beings assigned to take care of her personal needs. Her worst enemy is solitude, so she tends to be very outgoing and sociable, although many of her friendships tend to remain at surface level. Others who have experienced the drama queen’s sudden outbursts in the past may have a feeling of walking on egg shells around her, not wanting to be the person who delivers upsetting news or offends her in any way.

Fake stories about ill relatives, previous abuse, etc are just a natural ways to them to play the victim.

It goes without saying that it is very effective strategy of attacking most males. But if “strong encouragement” needs to used on the final stage (for example to get the victim in the bed) it will be used just as ruthlessly as male seducers do. Those girls can force the victim drink too much or even put something into the drink, watch a provocative movie and then rush a man into the bed and brutally mock the victim to overcome their doubts and to force the intercourse no less effectively then male seducers do the same for female victims.

You will not be aware of the lies until much later. Like in war, there is a “fog of war” during initial meetings when neither party have adequate information about the whole situation and has only some vague hypothesis about the personality (i.e., you are facing incomplete, dubious, and often completely erroneous information and high levels of fear, doubt, and excitement). Here keeping daily log might be of tremendous help as it might slightly help to see though the fog. Still the level of uncertainty is high, which complicate rational assessment of the situation so delays with the reaction and keep your cards close to your chest. This simple tactic might in many cases be not detrimental, but advantageous. Actually studying war tactics which were discussed for example in famous Clausewitz On War (available free from clausewitz.com) and The Art of War might help. Among them (cited from Wikipedia):

  • The asymmetrical relationship between attack and defense
  • The nature of “military genius” (involving matters of personality and character, beyond intellect)
  • The importance of “moral forces” (more than simply “morale”) as opposed to quantifiable physical elements
  • The essential unpredictability of war
  • The “fog” of war
  • Notion of “friction” the disparity between the ideal performance of units, organization or systems and their actual performance in real world scenarios (Book I, Chapter VII)


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