The Pain of Lies and Deceit — Exploring your mind

The saddest thing about hypocrisy and deceit is that it often doesn’t come from our enemies or people we don’t know, but rather from those close to us. As you’d expect, this hurts. A lot. When we are deceived, the worst thing about it isn’t the lie itself, but what the lie brings with it.

When a feeling as important as trust is broken, something inside us dies. The lie calls thousands of truths into question, making us doubt even the experiences that we thought were the most honest.

One lie changes everything

Both lies and deceit are, in large part, a question of habit. There are many people who are skilled at this “art” who keep us all fooled in a truly astonishing way.

As we know, habitual lying can turn into a serious psychological problem. These people will sell air for any price as long as they can get away with it, or even more appalling, they’ll do it for no other reason than to deceive.

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