The Narcissist and Threats

The Greater Narcissist

The Greater Narcissist does not issue threats.

We execute instead and invariably quite some time later and out of left field so you do not even realise what has happened.

We do not forewarn you. That hands you power and control and we must not do that.

Instead, we know that you know what we are capable of. We let you create the threats in your mind instead. That is powerful in itself, completely deniable and highly effective and then when you think the risk has passed we carry out the act.

Our ability to control ignited fury means we can seek fuel elsewhere and log your transgression so that retribution is visited at a later juncture.

(If you require assistance in understanding threats issued by an individual, how you should respond and what might happen, this is something I repeatedly address for people through consultations – do use the links below)

Narc Detector Consultation

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