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The Horrors of a Rebound Relationship

Can a rebound relationship work? Well, it depends. Does a rebound relationship last? Let me say – 50/50. This kind of relationship is always a distraction. A rebound relationship after divorce can look like a pretty fine thing keeping you away from being forced to experience all the emotional pain of the breakup. But in most cases, it makes a misguided attempt to forget everything and move on with your life. Once being rejected by their long-term partners, many people are known to jump back to the dating stage as they fear staying alone with their thoughts. It might be a quick fix, which can help them drown out their deep pain by relieving a great part of the emotional intensity and substituting it with a new romantic adventure.

Being a rebound man might come with a bunch of different signals that can range from “she’s obviously looking for a serious deal” to “she is trying to get serious way too fast.” Thus, the most precise way to be 100% confident you are not helping your new girl get over her ex is to trace particular signs, some of which may be the following.


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