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Child Emotional and Psychological Abuse

Emotional and psychological abuse in children is defined as behaviors, speech, and actions of parents, caregivers, or other significant figures in a child’s life that have a negative mental impact on the child.

According to the U.S. government, “emotional abuse (or psychological abuse) is a pattern of behavior that impairs a child’s emotional development or sense of self-worth.”

Examples of emotional abuse include:

  • name calling
  • insulting
  • threatening violence (even without carrying out threats)
  • allowing children to witness the physical or emotional abuse of another
  • withholding love, support, or guidance

It’s very difficult to know how common child emotional abuse is. A wide range of behaviors can be considered abusive, and all forms are thought to be underreported. Continue reading “Child Emotional and Psychological Abuse”

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How to Identify a Child Who Is Being Emotionally Abused

Mandated reporters are persons who encounter the child as part of their occupation, including child daycare providers, educators, legal and law enforcement personnel, and medical personnel. These reporters have just as much of an obligation to report suspected emotional abuse as they do physical or sexual abuse or neglect—it should be taken just as seriously. Emotional abuse may be difficult to identify because it often takes place in the confines of a child’s home.

A child’s behavior can indicate if there’s a problem at home. Inappropriate behavior that is either very immature or a little bit too mature for the child’s age can indicate abuse, as well a dramatic behavioral change. For example, a child who was formerly slightly aloof or didn’t seek attention might all of a sudden become clingy to non-abusive adults or compulsively seek affection from them.

Here are some potential warning signs of emotional abuse:

  • Desperately seeks affection from other adults
  • Decline in school performance
  • Developmental regression (like bedwetting or soiling after previously mastering bladder and bowel control)
  • Frequent complaints of headaches, stomachaches, or other somatic issues with no known cause
  • Loss of interest in social activities or other interests
  • Delayed emotional development
  • Depression
  • Attempts to avoid certain situations, such as going to an activity or another person’s house
  • Desire to hurt himself or other people on purpose
  • Anxiety
  • Low self-esteem

Continue reading “How to Identify a Child Who Is Being Emotionally Abused”

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Juvenile delinquency

The two largest predictors of juvenile delinquency are:

  • parenting style, with the two styles most likely to predict delinquency being:
  • “permissive” parenting, characterized by a lack of consequence-based discipline and encompassing two subtypes known as:
  • “neglectful” parenting, characterized by a lack of monitoring and thus of knowledge of the child’s activities; and
  • “indulgent” parenting, characterized by affirmative enablement of misbehavior;
  • “authoritarian” parenting, characterized by harsh discipline and refusal to justify discipline on any basis other than “because I said so”;

Continue reading “Juvenile delinquency”

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In criminal law, incitement is the encouragement of another person to commit a crime. Depending on the jurisdiction, some or all types of incitement may be illegal. Where illegal, it is known as an inchoate offense, where harm is intended but may or may not have actually occurred. Continue reading “Incitement”

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Dealing With Toxic Family Members Around Your Kids – Postmodern Woman – Medium

I watched the father of my two youngest fall victim to this.

He became every bit the monster that his father had been for so long. It’s something that he still struggles with to this day. However, we have been able to overcome the worst and strive for better, together. Not everybody seems to come to the realization that they can choose a different path in life. Well, forget that; the buck stops here. I’ve been very firm that at this time: no one really has unsupervised visits. You can’t take my kids anywhere, nope.

The family does hold some resentment towards me for my choices. Whether it’s the cold shoulder or just full blown cursing me to my face. I’ve moved my family across the country in search of a better life. And you know what? In the short amount of time that we’ve been here, I’ve witnessed the most amazing changes in all of us. We’re no longer burdened or held back with feelings of never ending despair and hopelessness like we were before. Even the baby seems to realize that things are better when you try to surround yourself with light.

People, you CAN make different choices. Be you and do you. Make up your own handpicked family if you need to. Whatever it takes to protect those who are innocent and precious. They are just getting started in this world, and they deserve everything we have to offer and more.

This…is how we change the world.

Postmodern Woman

All we ask is to be acknowledged. Let people know we exist. These are our stories and services. May we hold you accountable?



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Michon Neal


Michon Neal


Integrated Non-Monogamy, Metanoiac Alethiology, aro love terms, cuil fiction, & more; Speaker; Sensitivity Editor Cuil Press.

Postmodern Woman

All we ask is to be acknowledged. Let people know we exist. These are our stories and services. May we hold you accountable?

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Parents who ‘brainwashed’ their three children to hide years of horrific abuse face jail

A care-home worker and her husband who subjected their children to years of horrific abuse were facing jail yesterday after being convicted of cruelty.

The couple hid their crimes for years by lying to social services and ‘brainwashing’ their daughter and two sons into believing their sadistic punishments were ‘horseplay’, a court heard.

The friend told the jury that her  concerns were dismissed as ‘malicious’.  ‘The children begged me to ring  social services but my complaints  were dismissed,’ she said. ‘I’ve lost count of the amount of times I rang.’  However, Ann Pennell of Lancashire County Council said it investigated every complaint of abuse. Continue reading “Parents who ‘brainwashed’ their three children to hide years of horrific abuse face jail”

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Why would a parent coach their children to allege sexual abuse?

Alison Roy, a child and adolescent psychotherapist, says:

“I see many varying degrees of children used as weapons but this is especially damaging. Sometimes, when an adult breaks down, the needy and psychologically unwell, demanding child can emerge.

“Unresolved traumas, losses and emptiness leave the parent behaving more like a difficult, wounded child – and their own children are used as a vehicle to punish the other parent. The wounded parent becomes what I would describe as “split” or polarised in terms of how people are viewed – similar to the way a young child might see the world, as full of goodies and baddies. Their need to convince others that their partner, ex-partner or a new partner is abusing their children takes precedence and becomes a way of revisiting their own unresolved rage and fear as a child.

“It can be hard for professionals to unpick what is happening, especially as all professionals working with children take allegations of abuse very seriously. In addition to this is the battle children can get caught up in, where their parents are collecting ‘evidence’ from their children against their partners/ex-partners in order to make a case in court for custody.

“What is devastating to the child is the role reversal and the impact on them of having to placate, care and manage conflict. Their view of the world as a safe place is contorted and they are left feeling that nothing makes sense and they have no idea who the real goodies and baddies are. Children with this perception of the world and adults (who should protect and support them) can grow up with the potential for personality disorders and ongoing damaged attachments, in which intimacy is challenging.” Continue reading “Why would a parent coach their children to allege sexual abuse?”

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Brainwashing Methods: How They Program Your Mind

If someone is trying to control your behavior or putting stress on your life, you are being brainwashed. Get away from them!

The worse thing about being brainwashed is that once you are brainwashed, it is very difficult to be aware of it. Your brainwashed state of mind and actions is completely normal to you. You are just an average Joe (maybe you’re a plumber, zing!). Everything you do seems completely normal. Since, you are normal, anyone who doesn’t share your beliefs and values must be either insane or uncivilized. So what do you do? You brainwash them!

That is the beauty of the system. Since humans feel a need to be socially justified, without even thinking about it, we go out and “teach” others about “proper behavior”. The brainwashed become the brainwashers, at no extra charge. The programmed behavior spreads like a virus from host to host, to friends, lovers, and family.

There is hope. You can change your ways. The main defense against brainwashing is to not let the stress distract you and to remain aware that you are being brainwashed. Next time someone is telling you what to do, if you are doing something that seems against your will, if the words coming out of your mouth are not yours, say to your self, “I’m being brainwashed!” Then get yourself out of that situation and away from those people! Remember, it’s not their fault, they are brainwashed. Just get away from them. Continue reading “Brainwashing Methods: How They Program Your Mind”