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Three levels of common family relationshi problems

Three levels of common family relationship problems

All families (like yours) have “problems” – i.e. conflicting and unmet needs. This article summarizes three levels of common problems in typical intact biofamilies. See this similar article if you’re in a divorcing family or a stepfamily – or you may be.

      Most people focus on reducing their surface problems, so their underlying primary needs go unfilled and surface symptoms often recur. Once aware of this, family members can work together to identify and resolve their primary problems, improve their relationships and health, and raise their family’s nurturance level.

      First, see how you feel about these…


all personal and social “problems” and “issues” are unfilled needs (psychological + spiritual + physical discomforts); ( I Agree /  I Disagree  / ? (It depends on…)

all families and relationships exist to nurture (fill personal needs). Some nurture better than others.   (A  D  ?)

most people (like you?) aren’t trained distinguish between their surface needs and the unfilled primary needs that cause them – i.e. they don’t know what they don’t know.  (A  D  ?); and…

typical family members have three layers of concurrent problems (unfilled needs): surface, intermediate, and primary: (A  D  ?) For example:

Source: Three levels of common family relationshi problems


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