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Keep in mind why you divorced.

Keep in mind why you divorced.

There may be times after your divorce when you feel a desperate desire to get back together with your ex. It’s possible that you might feel this way the entire time you’re grieving. These feelings are not easy to deal with.

You could feel devastated over the loss. You might feel like you’ve hit rock bottom. You might be experiencing a major struggle. You might feel guilt or be faced with the fear of being alone and not able to make it on your own.

When feelings like this are at their worst, try to think about why you and your ex divorced. Were you so unhappy in the marriage that you initiated the divorce? Did he walk away causing you unbearable pain due to abandonment?

If you initiated the divorce due to your own unhappiness refer back to how you felt inside the marriage should you start questioning your reasons for the divorce. If he left you on the receiving end of an unwanted divorce, do you really want to get back together with someone who could make a conscious choice to do you so much emotional harm?


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