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Instead Of Seeking Revenge, Be The Bigger Person

Being the bigger person when you’re the one who seems to be suffering the most may look as if it’s seemingly impossible, but it’s not.

It doesn’t matter what it was that caused you to feel torn between wanting this particular person to feel a similar pain as you and having trust that life will play out as it should for them.t

You’re hurting, an unexplainable amount, and it’s a tough call for which move seems best.

Your friends try to tell you to take the high road and that you’re “better than that,” and as much as you try to listen and abide by their sound advice, you still have to fight back the urge to seek, as harsh as the term sounds, revenge.

You see, that’s exactly what happens when you decide to play by their rules, you are seeking a vengeance towards someone who is not even worthy enough to receive it.

Why does the classiest way of going about things feel like the road less traveled upon? Because it is.


Currently studying Psychotherapy , Cognitive psychology, Biological psychology, Counselling psychology and CBT and NLP. I believe in truth, honesty and integrity! ≧◔◡◔≦

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