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Signs of Toxic Grandparents – Effects of Mental Illness

Effects of Mental Illness

The results can be devastating to everyone involved. Sometimes parents will put up with so much hassle from their parent because they understand that they are ill or crave a kind parent or a sweet grandparent for their children that they continue to put up with these behaviours over and over again. It isn’t always sustainable.

It may be that the grandparent has myopic vision due to their illness or mentality and cannot perceive what is happening from your situation. They cannot comprehend that their behaviours are harmful, exhausting or just over the mark. As a result, they cannot alter or control how they act.

It may be that they expect you as their child to handle all of their emotional baggage and question you when you ask for a break for the sake of your mental health and brain function.

It may be that they act in ways that are alarming and make you question the effect this is having on your children. Mentally ill grandparents or grandparents with a victim mentality will often not have the ability to self-reflect and see that their behaviours are not healthy for themselves, you or your children.


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