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Holding children hostage to demand money

The Financially Abusive Grandparent

You may see this as a surprise, but your parents/children’s grandparents can be financially abusive and not in the traditional sense.

As an adult, you very rarely have any right or say in how your parents choose to use their money. You are not allowed to access it, and they are not required to spend it on you, so what on earth is this?

Financial abuse in this sense may look like a form of ‘hostage holding’. A grandparent may offer financial support or accept a request for financial aid and then use this as a way to hang it over your head, create guilt or insist that they have power over your decision-making as a result.

One particular mother I spoke to explained a situation where she had separated from her partner and had moved to another town. She wasn’t doing well financially but was okay, sustaining her family and working towards a better future. Her parents/grandparents put money into her bank account without seeking her permission.

Signs of Toxic Grandparents


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