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If we put up with intermittent reinforcement as an adult in a relationship, it is because we experienced this pattern in our earliest relationships with the people we loved. People like mom and dad for example. And I will tip you off that you will always perpetually want and love the parent or person who did this with you.

Let’s pretend the law of attraction doesn’t exist and that you could actually have consistent relationships in childhood and vibrationally line up with inconsistent relationships as an adult. If you experienced complete consistency in your childhood relationships, especially relative to your emotional needs and you were to meet a person who practiced intermittent reinforcement, you would immediately grow irritated and walk away from the relationship. If we grew up with intermittent reinforcement, we learn that this is what love should feel like. We spend our lives lining up with inconsistently loving partners and trying to make them consistently loving, like we always wanted our parents to be. Take a look at the people in your early life. Did any of them meet your needs (especially emotional needs) only inconsistently, unpredictably and occasionally?


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