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Why Some People Will Never Learn | Psychology Today

The way he sees it is how lots of us see it: Life is a game that can actually be won. It may be hard on the way to the top, but when you get there it’s easy and smooth. Once you’ve created your magnum opus—whatever it is—your reputation will always precede you and the world will become your oyster. It’ll be like living on that yacht from the a liquor ad, getting to heaven, or making so much money that your cash gets up every morning and goes to work instead of you—money enough that if you lost half you wouldn’t even feel it, a buffer that deep, a plateau that bedrocked.

Andrew thinks rich to grow rich. He knows that he’s destined for great things and is vigilant about recognizing signs of progress toward his lofty inevitable destination. He takes compliments and criticisms to heart—not their content but their indication of altitude. If your feedback on anything he does implies that he’s further from the plateau than he thought, he dismisses it by any means possible. It’s going to take his full momentum to get to the top and he can’t be distracted by the slightest doubt.

It comes down to the question: Who do you think you are?


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