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What happens if a paying parent doesn’t pay child maintenance?

Taking enforcement action through the courts
First, we will apply for a court order called a ‘liability order’. This means
asking a court to recognise that the paying parent has built up an
amount of child maintenance debt over a certain period of time. The
order gives us the power to take legal actions (shown below) that help
us to collect the child maintenance you are owed.
We will then use the liability order to take action such as:
• asking bailiffs or sheriff officers to go to the paying parent’s home and
seize belongings, and then sell them to cover the child
maintenance owed
• putting a ‘charge’ against a property or some other asset so that it
can’t be sold or remortgaged without the child maintenance being
paid off first. This makes things difficult for the paying parent and can
encourage them to pay
• forcing the sale of a property or other asset and collecting the money
from it to pay the child maintenance owed
• taking away the paying parent’s driving licence
• sending the paying parent to prison.


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