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Psychotherapy- PTED

The treatment of posttraumatic bitterness is complicated by the typical resignative-aggressive-defensive attitude of the patient, which is also directed against therapeutic offers. One approach of treatment is wisdom therapy developed by Linden, a form of cognitive-behavioral therapy that aims to empower the patient to distance themselves from the critical life event and build up new life perspectives.[13][14] One uses the usual cognitive strategies of attitude change and problem solving are used, such as:

  • behavior therapeutic methods like behavioral analysis and cognitive rehearsal;
  • analysis of automatic thoughts and schemata;
  • reframing or cognitive reattribution:
  • exposure treatments;
  • increase of activities;
  • rebuilding of social contacts;
  • promotion of self-effectiveness.

As special treatment module aims at the training of wisdom competencies, which means the promotion of the following abilities:

  • changing perspectives;
  • empathy;
  • perception and acceptance of emotions;
  • emotional balance and sense of humour;
  • contextualism;
  • long-term orientation;
  • value relativism;
  • tolerance of uncertainty;
  • self-distance and self-relativization.

Methodically, the method of “insolvable problems” is used. In this procedure fictitious serious and insolvable conflict situations are presented, which allow the patients to train wisdom capacities and transfer them to their own situation (so-called “learning transfer.”)[13][15]


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