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Economic and Financial Abuse

Many of the victims from narcissism didn’t start out as poor nor did they foolishly hand over their control of their wealth. They were in fact preyed upon by a wolf in sheep’s clothing, a smooth talker, a charmer, a chameleon, and in many cases someone who sold them empty promises of a brighter future. However, what the narcissist doesn’t tell these unsuspecting targets is how they will be used, in many cases abused, and devalued and discarded being left penniless, homeless, and struggling for their basic necessities.

In the beginning of every “normal” relationship the person may exaggerate slightly , alter the perception of who they really are, but with narcissists they take it to the extreme. They will love bomb and overwhelm their victims with luxuries they’ve never had in the past. They surround and bombard their victims with constant attention, lavish gifts, while adorning them with praise. However, it’s short lived as once you begin to fall for the swooning and advancements the narc will begin to slowly withdraw and the more you fight to win them back, or alter you behavior to please , the more they will have locked you into their vicious cycle. Narcissist seeks out victims with certain character traits such as the very empathetic, nurturing, intelligent, loving, and compassionate souls.

So how does financial abuse relate to narcissism:


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