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Signs of repressed childhood trauma in adults

Trauma survivors often hear, “Forget about it. Move on. It was in the past.” But this is not necessarily accurate. Until they resolve past traumatic experiences, trauma survivors are unable to move on. When trauma survivors find themselves unable to move past the past they might consider seeking the help of a licensed therapist. It is not unusual for those with past traumatic experiences to struggle with emotional difficulties, mental disorders, or physical health concerns and diagnoses.

Many of those who have survived trauma as children struggle as adults with depression, PTSD and other anxiety disorders, relationship difficulties, angry outbursts, alcohol and drug abuse, etc. Trauma survivors can experience physiological changes, too. Sometimes these individuals develop the onset of an illness. Other times their condition worsens for no apparent reason. These conditions are sometimes psychosomatic. This is a condition in which a person feels as if they are told, “It’s all in your head,” “You’re making it up,” or “You’re crazy.”

  • finding yourself in the same types of stressful, traumatic, or abusive relationships.
  • startling easily.
  • struggling to trust others.
  • making friends easily, but fearing they won’t like you.
  • becoming a chameleon.
  • exerting or avoiding control.
  • a dependency on others.
  • fear of trying new things on your own.

Childhood Trauma and the Mind-Body Connection for Adults


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