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Can you unconsciously forget an experience?

How can someone actively cope with trauma?

It may not be unusual for an individual to see small glimpses of a traumatic memory that they previously could not recall. “What happens sometimes is that as the person becomes distant from the moment of trauma, the brain allows the memory to be released in packets of memory, so they may remember in short flashbacks or intrusive thoughts,” she said.

If someone is dealing with trauma, whether signs of dissociation are present or not, it can be a very overwhelming and scary experience. As these experiences can involve extremely sensitive topics, McLaughlin recommends getting expert help to move forward.

“The very first step is to seek therapy,” McLaughlin said. “Words allow us to get a handle on emotional experiences and memories that are embedded in emotional memory. Whether it’s formal psychological treatment or confiding in a trusted person, it’s best to talk to someone.”


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