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The Signs And Effects Of Arrogant Victims

As mentioned in my last article in this series, a person demonstrates a victim mindset when he views negative outcomes as being due to the situation, another person or something other than himself. Brody is the personification of the arrogant victim, which can be identified by some definite attributes, including:

• A belief that they know what is best or the only way to do something

• Belittling of colleagues who do not have the same level knowledge or experience that the arrogant victims possess (even though the colleagues may, in fact, be capable people)

• Self-pity regarding the lack of results everyone/everything else allegedly prevents them from getting

Arrogant victims do have some things in common with doubtful victims. They are just exhibited in different ways. First, diminished self-confidence is involved in both forms of the victim mindset. With doubtful victims, the weakened self-confidence is more apparent by what they say and do. With arrogant victims, the diminished self-confidence is masked. Although arrogant victims give the impression of strong self-confidence, the arrogance is used in part to compensate for a lack of self-confidence.


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