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What are the signs of a superiority complex?

There are certain behaviours that can suggest a superiority complex:
Anxiety: An individual can feel a high sense of anxiety when attempting to balance their true sense of identity and the false image they project to others.
Denial: An individual may refuse to acknowledge their opposing identities or that their false sense of self is in fact exaggerated.
Aggression: An individual may feel an intense need for others to view them in the same way that they view themselves, which can lead them to be accusatory, rude, or hurtful.
Excessive Self-Control: An individual may need to have a strong sense of control over their emotions and behaviour in order to keep up their superior image.
Mood Swings: An individual may swing between moods under the pressure of keeping up their superior persona.
Confusion: An individual may appear confused when others challenge them on their faults or lack of skills to avoid the embarrassment of being called out.
Arbitrary Rightness: An individual may disregard the opinions of others if they do not agree with them, adopting an “I’m right, you’re wrong” attitude.
Rationalising: An individual may attempt to rationalise their actions. If they are met with a failure, they may claim that success was never really their main goal or that they are in fact very happy with the outcome.
Distancing: An individual may avoid or repress their issues with poor self-esteem and instead focus on the image they want to portray to others, driving their complex deeper into their psyche.


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