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Why Is Revenge Wrong? | SpringerLink

  1. Considerations of Revenge
    Revenge has roused sporadic philosophical interest in recent years but the
    nature and morality of revenge have received surprisingly little systematic
    attention in western philosophy. Many individual and collective actions are
    motivated by the desire for revenge. The significance of revenge in human
    affairs is reflected in its persistence as literary theme from Aeschylus to the
    present. Contemporary films such as Presumed Innocent and Fatal Attraction,
    and novels such as The Life and Loves of a She-Devil, are tales of relentless
    revenge which might be said to represent the adage “Hell hath no fury like a
    woman scorned.”
    Why certain types of acts, such as killing or interfering with the autonomy
    of innocent people, are wrong can be philosophically important even when
    there is strong general intuitive agreement that such acts are indeed wrong.
    But the question “Why is revenge wrong?” is also philosophically complex
    in a number of respects. We can recognise that the question is elliptical. We
    are asking how and why the wrongfulness of an act stems from its having a
    particular motive, namely the desire for revenge. Why is an act of retaliation
    wrongful because it is an act of revenge as opposed, say, to being aimed at


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