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Psychopath Facts

Psychopath Facts: 1-5

1. One of the classic traits of a psychopath is emotional poverty. A psychopath cannot live in loneliness. He or she will constantly look for a victim whom he or she can emotionally abuse.

2. They are unable to understand or experience loyalty and love. They look at love with disrespect. Though they themselves are incapable of experiencing love, they do need to feed on emotions of normal people who know how to love.

3. Psychopaths look at normal people as objects to toy with, to be used, to be lied to and to be hurt. This gives them satisfaction and temporary diversion.

4. Psychopaths suffer from boredom and restlessness. They lack empathy. They love to control, manipulate and dupe others.

5. Psychopaths are mostly emotional abusers. However, that doesn’t mean they cannot be sex predators. Most often they have both characteristics in them.


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