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Building and Keeping a Circle of Friends

One of the most important wellness tools for many people is spending time with people you enjoy. They have found that regular contact with family members and friends who are supportive keeps them well

We All Need Friends

Everyone needs and wants to have friends. They enrich your life. They make you feel good about yourself and about being alive. Friends are especially helpful when you need special attention and care. A good friend is someone who:

  • you like, respect and trust, and who likes, respect and trust you
  • accepts and likes you as you are, even as you grow and change
  • listens to you and shares with you, both the good and the bad
  • you can tell anything to and know they will not betray your confidence
  • lets you express your feelings and emotions, and does not judge, tease or criticize
  • gives you good advice when you ask for it, assists you in taking action that will help you feel better, and works with you to figure out what to do next when you are having a hard time.
  • lets you help them when they need it
  • you want to be with, (but you aren’t obsessed about being with them)
  • doesn’t ever take advantage of you

Source: Building and Keeping a Circle of Friends


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