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Social Predators

Social Predators, by definition, are those individuals who thrive in life by acting like Pack Animals who prey on other humans as if they are an energetic food source.

They are widely known for exhibiting predictable traits of egocentrism and aggressive(oftentimes violent) social mannerisms.

Mind Body Green describes them as dangerous people.

Resist the urge to reverse project “faith in humanity” onto them. All Cluster B people are what’s known as egocentric, vertical thinkers — meaning they have completely different core values, biochemical differences in the way their brains process things like complex emotions, and they are constantly striving to win (rather than be part of a group that values and respect harmonious and collaborative social interaction with others).

Fiercely competitive at all times, they fail to understand the difference between pro-social behavior (such as competing for fun and sport) and the abusive lifestyle habits of toxic thinkers.

Source: Social Predators


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