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Spending Money on Stepchildren

Well, once married, the woman had a difficult time sharing money, and having joint finances in marriage. This wasn’t something she indicated would be an issue before, apparently, but she couldn’t handle income being spent on the child.  Thus, she kept her finances separate, with paychecks going to a personal account.  Her income may actually be higher than his, not that it necessarily matters, but just something to consider.

Without getting to into too many details, some of behaviors of this stepparent that would catch your attention were:

  • Insisting that the husband personally pay for more housing than her – as in a 60/40 split – because of the presence of his kid.
  • Making him pay for a majority of utility bills because theoretically the kid could result in extra electricity or water costs
  • Getting angry at him if he bought new clothes for the kid, demanding that he return them and stretch older clothes for another season
  • Throwing fits if he wanted to sign the child up for more than one extracurricular activity
  • Becoming very upset and screaming over his spending money even $100 on Christmas gifts for the kid
  • Generally expecting to be the #1 priority in his life, ahead of his kid


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