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The Frumious Bandersnatch

Okay, Karen. You’re in psychoanalytic world – deep and kind of weird psychoanalytic world, kind of fringy – but I’m with ya. And that “same age” criteria is kind of important with the trans-generational haunting construct. The idea is that a trauma event – big event – like the death of a parent – happened in a child’s life. And then, when this child becomes an adult, the child of the next generation repeats the trauma of the parent. That’s the “ghost.” It travels as a unit to impact the child in the next generation. So “at the same age that the parent experienced them” is kind of an important concept with “trans-generational haunting.”

So then, are you saying that because the parent had a trauma at age 11, then the child will act out the same trauma when the child is 11?

Uh, any research evidence for this, Karen? No. There is no research to support this idea. You do like the realm of fantasy, don’t you Karen. I know, two Freudian people proposed this “trans-generational haunting” ghost thing you’re talking about. So you’re proposing that because a parent had an emotionally traumatic event at age 11, the child will be alienated from the targeted parent at age 11?

A Conversation Between Karen Woodall & Dr. Childress

Holy cow, Karen. Slow down I can’t keep up with your nonsense. First you’re twirling in the land of multiple personalities (a dissociative disorder) calling it splitting (a borderline personality disorder).  Now you’ve jumped over here to this trans-generational haunting thingy that kind of loops back and around, sort of, thing.

Karen offered citation support to her blog that she asserts shows that she’s been using the term “trans-generational narrative” since 2013 (Karen’s Citation Support).  In 2013 , she used the “term trans-generational haunting.”  Like ghosts. Haunting.  I’m not sure exactly that “haunting” qualifies as “narrative,” like stories.

But if you wish hard enough…

First things first… “trans-generational narrative” is not the same words as “trans-generational haunting”.  If you borrow the word from trauma, Karen, the trauma reenactment narrative, and you grab the wordnarrativeand then redefine it as “haunting” that’s just…

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