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‘Signs’ of an Abusive Parent We Can’t Keep Overlooking

Conditional love. A parent withdrawing their affection when their child has displeased them or done something they disapprove of.” — Steph E.

11. Using a Child to “Get Back” at the Other Parent

Putting a child in the middle of an argument between parents is emotionally abusive. This kind of behavior is frequently associated with parents who are divorcing, and an abusive parent may use children to get information about the other parent, “poison” the child against the other parent or make the child choose a side.

“Is using your child as a pawn against their other parent! My mother and father both did this. ‘Tell your mum this.’ ‘Tell your dad this.’ ‘Your mum is this, your dad is that.’ The amount of times they’d mentally try and drill into our heads why each other was the worst parent was so damned detrimental to a child!” — Amber L.


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