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Claremont psychologist offers tools to cope with parental alienation

“It’s not really a book,” Mr. Childress said. “It’s a tool. It’s a ground that I can stand on and if anybody asks me, ‘What are you talking about?’ I can just refer to the book.”

“There’s no such thing as parental alienation,” said Mr. Childress “If you ask your psychologist to explore cross generational coalition, that has a lot of basis to it. That’s in family systems therapy. It has to do with diverting anger through the child because of the spousal conflict and triangulation and emotional cutoff. And the moment you ask them to do that, you are then requiring that they apply knowledge from family systems therapy. And family systems therapy can solve everything.”

That same Google search would also turn up thousands of examples of how this pathology is effective in damaging relationships between parents and children.

Along the way it also profoundly alters the normal development of the weaponized child. Left untreated, many times child victims of pathogenic parenting are in their 20s or 30s before they figure out what’s happened to them.

Early intervention is key, Mr. Childress said.


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