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What is a sociopath? – Parasitic lifestyle

The sociopath, for their part, gives tasks to the victim. All the little things that they can’t be bothered with, they are farmed out. Housework, childcare, trips to the post office, grocery shopping and so on become the work of the victim.

In work situations, the sociopath will trick and threaten people into doing their work, they will plagiarize work and steal the credit for colleague’s ideas. In destructive cults, the sociopathic cult leader will take advantage of the skills of the members to have free work done and obtain free advice.

The sociopath will also quite happily spend other people’s money. The sociopath husband or wife spends their spouse’s money as well as their own. They will have people buy them meals, gifts, pay their phone bill, car insurance etc. etc. etc. The corporate sociopath will run up big expense bills as well as defraud the company in many ways. It is very frequent that the sociopath is found to have spent large amounts of money although it is usually impossible to know where it all went.

Then, of course, there is the pure parasite who has not worked a day in his or her life but through deceit and manipulation has a girlfriend/boyfriend or family member who brings them food. drink and cigarettes while they spend most of the day on the couch with the television remote control in one hand and their mobile phone in the other.


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