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Parasitic Living

Parasitic Living
Among characteristics of a sociopath, their parasitic nature is very evident. They act like leeches that cling on to everybody. They do so to find an accomplice to their actions. To get their plans done, they get hold of people closest to them, so that they can conveniently slip out the act when desired and then place the blame on others.

Radiating Charm
Sociopaths have a beautiful charm about themselves, which is good enough to cover up all their devilish acts. They are very amusing, carefree and lively. These are the traits that draws a person to them. They often win the admiration from others and can make the crowd gawk at them.

Sociopaths indulge in bragging about themselves like there’s no tomorrow. They firmly believe that what they are doing is absolutely right and there’s no way they would do anything wrong. They are self-assured about themselves. This leads them to making highly preposterous and unrealistic plans about life, making money, marriage and living. Sociopaths fail to understand why others around them are so against them.

No Guilt
Whether it’s a murder, robbery, lie or any other criminal act for that matter, a sociopath feels no guilt whatsoever. They can never empathize with others and neither can they feel guilt for blaming others. They have an amoral world of their own. They lie to an extent where room for guilt gets occupied by self made reality. They often believe that the pain inflicted on the other person was deserved by them. Many criminal sociopath often are seen giving such explanations.


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