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When a Narcissist Loses Everything

The narcissist knows he can lose everything at any moment. He knows his disordered personality is bound to push people away. He can lose his marriage by cheating on his wife. He can lose his house or properties by being irresponsible when it comes to money. He can lose everything in a divorce. He can lose power and control that he thrives for. In the back of his mind, the narcissist knows everything is temporary and as fragile as his masks. Instead of trying to build a healthy lifestyle, the narcissist hops from one relationship to another. He moves from one house to another without feeling the need to be attached. He changes jobs due to boredom or being fired. Narcissists don’t have the capacity to settle down and live with their family for the rest of their lives. This lack of attachment stems from their lack of empathy. They don’t have the emotional capacity for it.
This nomad lifestyle can mean they can lose everything and start from zero again and again. That’s why they keep hoarding narcissistic supply to stay afloat during their journey in life. They expect their bubble to burst any time. This can lead to great stress, depression and even suicidal behavior. A narcissist losing his supply is like a drug addict losing his source. He will do anything to get his fix and stop the inner turmoil.


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3 thoughts on “When a Narcissist Loses Everything

  1. why “HE” and not “SHE”? Also, should we hate the narcissist? Are there ways to help such a person instead of firing missiles of hatred in their direction? Oh, if a narcissist is doing terrible things to us, we should be doing the same to them? Then in what way are we better?


    1. Hello Vadim, I did not write this article and it should apply to both male and female. I have read many articles and from my understanding it is difficult to help them as they will not accept or recognise their behaviour. Personally I would not do the same as I would not bother wasting my time, I have more enjoyable things to do. Thanks for taking the time to read and respond to my blog.


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