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Self Absorption Creates a Lonely Life

Self Absorption Creates a Lonely Life

Some clients come to see me after being left by their partners. I’ve had several men crying on my couch because their wife has left them and they don’t know why. I figured out within five minutes of meeting them -they were unable to see things through others’ points of view and were so self-absorbed that they could not give of themselves to family members. Unaware and in denial, they believe that the problems in the family were always the other person’s fault. Projecting blame and not taking responsibility always keeps them in victim mode unaware of how they contribute to their own problems.

No one is as fascinated by themselves as the narcissistic person. Guess what? Self-absorption is so boring to everyone else. A study showed that narcissistic people could keep new friends for about four months. New friends found them exciting at first a then got tired of their only thinking about themselves. Of course selfish people are able to keep codependent people around them who give them their narcissistic supply-that fix of attention and compliments that they require.

Narcissistic Defenses


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