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My goodness, Karen Woodall is full of… nonsense.

A Vanishing Expertise
Tell me, who says you’re an “expert” Karen? You do.

Wait, I’ll bet Bill Bernet does too, doesn’t he. He says you’re an “expert.” But wait, who says Bill Bernet is an “expert”? Oh, you do. I get it. You all just go around anointing each other as “experts” and then just make stuff up. Sweet. You know that’s a scam, right? You’re not a real expert in anything. You know that, right?

You are? You are really an “expert” for real? Okay, show us. On your vitae. Post your vitae, Karen. Show us how you developed your expertise. Where did you receive your training in the attachment pathology? Where did you receive your training in family systems therapy? Where did you receive your training in personality disorder pathology? Where did you receive your training in complex trauma? Where did you receive your training in the neuro-development of the brain during childhood?

You’re not an expert in anything, Karen, except in your own imagination and fantasies. It’s a Fairy Tale, Karen.

Dr. Craig Childress: Attachment Based "Parental Alienation" (AB-PA)

Karen recently posted a blog about Fairy Tales and splitting that was kind of all over the place, but the central premise is that she’s some sort of expert on “splitting” and she’s sort of simultaneously discovering splitting and reporting on her discovery.

There’s so much nonsense being put forth, I need to address it.  But there’s so much to address, I’m going to do it in multiple posts.  This first one on just the general nonsense of her grandiosity, and then I’ll devote the second one to the more specific nonsense of what she says. 

Fairy Tales from the Woodalls

In her blog, Karen seemingly admits that her approach to understanding complex family conflict surrounding divorce is to create a fairy tale – a make-believe fairy talesstory she creates about a new form of pathology she thinks she’s “discovering.”

How exciting that must be for Karen, she thinks she’s discovering…

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