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20 Signs Of A Lying Snake & Forked Tongue

There are signs that give a liar away.

  1. Blinking – Liars tend to move their arms, hands, and fingers less. They also blink less than people who tell the truth.
  2. Shifty Eyes – I think when a person has shifty eyes, it is the most common and easiest way to spot a liar.
  3. Pupils Change – When a person is under stress, adrenaline races through the body and causes the pupils to dilate. Lying is a stress inducing activity, so changing pupil size can be an indication that you’re talking to a liar.
  4. Folded Arms – Although this isn’t a dead giveaway, a person who often folds their arms in front of them to produce a barrier could be telling lies.
  5. Nose Toucher – When a person lies, they frequently touch the base of their nose.
  6. Wiggler – A liar wriggle, wiggles and fidgets because they are usually nervous about getting caught in their lie.
  7. High Pitched Voice – A liar is already tense and it often causes their voice to become high pitched.
  8. Pause – When lying, a person will often pause longer than the honest person.
  9. Ummmm – When telling lies and pausing, a liar will often fill time with ummm, er, well and other time filler words and sounds
  10. One Story – A liar has a story and they repeat it without any changes over and over again. They don’t “remember” anything new to add to the story because it is a lie that they will get confused if they change it too much.
  11. Question Repeat – A liar will often repeat the question that is asked. Usually, they are trying to stall for time to think of answer that makes sense with their lie.
  12. Too Much Information – A liar keeps talking and answers questions that no one is asking them.
  13. Makes No Sense – When pressured for details, a liar often provides answers that make no sense and are completely ridiculous.
  14. Non-Specific – Liars do not talk about the minutia. Instead, they talk about a few bold facts and avoid little details so that they won’t get confused or mess up their initial lies
  15. Ridiculous Smile – We can all tell a fake smile when we see it and a liar can’t smile genuinely. The smile is just pasted to the lips and never makes it up to the eyes.
  16. Guilt Tripping – Puppy dog eyes or accusational words are used by liars to put the guilt rip on you for doubting them.
  17. Sweating – Nervousness often causes sweating and liars are usually nervous about their lies. So a liar may sweat and may sweat profusely!
  18. Jaw Clincher – Liars may also clench their jaws.
  19. Tight Lipped – A tight face, especially the lips and mouth are often signs that a person is uncomfortable because they are lying.


Currently studying Psychotherapy , Cognitive psychology, Biological psychology, Counselling psychology and CBT and NLP. I believe in truth, honesty and integrity! ≧◔◡◔≦

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