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Mental illness doesn’t excuse treating people badly | Metro News

Mental illness is not an excuse to be a horrible person. Sometimes, people say things when they’re angry. Sometimes they say things that are really mean and hurtful and can upset people. A lot of times, that can be due to a struggle with a mental illness. But repeating hurtful choices is just that – a choice. A nasty pattern of behaviour is not something that should be allowed simply because someone has a mental illness. Blaming bad behaviour on mental illness comes in many forms. A person will say something offensive, and others will come to their defence by mentioning their mental illness, as though that gives people a free pass to hurt others. Or someone will use mental illness to excuse their own behaviour, accepting hurtful choices as just part of their illness or using their illness to justify their poor treatment of others. The reality is this: Mental illness is not a free pass to be cruel, offensive, or to engage in toxic behaviour.

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