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The Emotion Wheel

According to Plutchik’s Sequential Model, emotions are activated due to specific stimuli, which set off certain behavioral patterns. (Krohn, 2007)

He identified the following survival behaviors that drive our actions:

Protection: Withdrawal, retreat
(activated by fear and terror)

Destruction: Elimination of barrier to the satisfaction of needs
(activated by anger and rage)

Incorporation: Ingesting nourishment
(activated by acceptance)

Rejection: Riddance response to harmful material
(activated by disgust)

Reproduction: Approach, contract, genetic exchanges
(activated by joy and pleasure)

Reintegration: Reaction to loss of nutrient product
(activated by sadness and grief)

Exploration: Investigating an environment
(activated by curiosity and play)

Orientation: Reaction to contact with an unfamiliar object
(activated by surprise)
(Screenr, 2017)


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