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Reasons Why Back Stabbers Don’t Deserve A Second Chance

Let me be very clear before you start talking about ‘everyone deserves a second chance’. I am not talking about honest mistakes, misconceptions and one-time unconscious slip, which wasn’t meant to hurt anyone. I’m talking about people who know the consequences of their actions, and still do it.

Everyone has been wronged at least once in their life. Being betrayed and disappointed is not the hardest part. The hardest part is to forgive and forget what happened and what the other person did to you. You might think (or other people make you think) that everyone deserves another chance! People change! Miracles happen! They really mean it this time!

A lot of people might have told you that holding a grudge is not healthy and hence you should give the person his second chance. Get one thing very clear in your head. Holding a grudge and giving the person a second chance are not related to one another. You can let go and hold no grudge without giving anyone a second chance to make you repent again.

Here is why any backstabber doesn’t deserve a second chance.

10 Reasons Why Back Stabbers Don’t Deserve A Second Chance


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