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Psychological Disorders of Serial Killers

1. Hyperactivity or Attention Deficit Disorder: The key element of this is the hyperactivity impulsivity, inattention persistent pattern which can be severe or frequent compared to observe in typical individuals in the same development level. This can be seen in social situation, occupation and academic. For serial killers case, the attention deficit is the mainly prominent. There is evidence which correlates cognitive and behavioral disjunction in adults who was diagnoses to have ADD. They were commonly recommended to professionals like psychiatrists specialized in rage and psychopath.

2. Intermittent Explosive Disorder: People who suffer from these experiences aggressive and strong impulses which they cannot resist instead they act upon to it. This results to property destruction and assaults. This is very rare which can appear at the age of 20’s.

3. Conduct Disorder: A problem which consists of persistent and repetitive behavioral pattern which involves contravention of social age of major appropriate norms and peoples basic rights.

4. Psychopath/Sociopath or all known as Antisocial Personality Disorder: There are two main characteristics, manipulation and deceit.


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