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Emotion Wheel / Wheel of Emotions by Robert Plutchik

What is the Emotion Wheel?

The Emotion Wheel was developed by the American psychologist Dr. Robert Plutchik in 1980 as a visual tool for understanding his psycho-evolutionary theory. He identified eight primary emotions in polar opposite pairs.

  • Joy vs. Sadness
  • Trust vs. Disgust
  • Fear vs. Anger
  • Anticipation vs. Surprise

The Wheel of Emotions can be used to navigate between the various intensities that emotions bring along and evoke. As such, the Wheel is primarily useful for objectively identifying intense feelings. Robert Plutchik’s research showed that there are 34,000 distinguishable emotions. However, it is actually impossible to differentiate and understand all 34,000 emotions. By reducing these to eight primary emotions, things become a little simpler.


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