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Danger Ahead: The Delusional Narcissist | The Exhausted Woman

A few days ago, I received a desperate phone call from my dear friend, Angie. Her narcissistic ex-husband texted life-threatening messages to her new husband. This wasn’t the first time she or he had been threatened, however this time the intimidation tactic was specific, graphics, and within the realm of possibility. The police were notified and appropriate protection was put into place to ensure her family’s safety. But the question remains: How does a narcissist go from appearing so charming and innocent to becoming harmful and dangerous? Most narcissists utilize verbal abusive tactics to get what they want in fits of rage, some do long-term mental and emotional abuse, and still, fewer escalate to murderous acts. Yet, there is a very small population of narcissists that do commit heinous acts of violence like homicide, murder/suicide, mass murder, or familicide. So how does this happen? Delusional Beliefs. One of the magic ingredients is delusion. According to Wikipedia, ‘A delusion

Source: Danger Ahead: The Delusional Narcissist | The Exhausted Woman


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