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Can Therapists Have Secondary Traumatic Stress (STS)? | The Exhausted Woman

Yes. According to a study reported in March 2019 of US News and World Report, mental health counselors are listed as one of the most stressful jobs next to attorneys and surgeons. The burnout rate for counselors is between 25-67% (depending on the study and type of practice) with a turnover rate of one in three. It’s not just the clients experiencing stress, the therapist is feeling it as well.

Effective therapy includes actively listening to a client, empathizing with unconditional positive regard, thinking critically without being judgmental, and offering alternative responses to emotional, mental, and behavioral situations that empower a client. As such stories of abuse, fear, anxiety, and trauma are often recalled by the client so a new perspective might minimize the impact. Some stories are told by the abused, while others are told by the abuser.


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