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Parental Abduction and Alienation: A Discussion with Psychiatrist Nick Child – Freedom of Mind Resource Center

Key Discussion Topics During our discussion, Nick discusses parental alienation which he defines as when one parent turns one (or more) of their children against the other for no good reason in a lasting way. This is emotional abuse of the child. It often entails false allegations. The many harmful effects can be life long. Often the controlling parent has attachment issues due to childhood trauma in their background. They are desperate and have such a deep fear of losing their child, they turn to these coercive techniques to keep them close. They do not understand healthy parenting always puts the child first, especially in a divorce situation and it is never ok to force a child to choose between one parent or the other and cut off normal regular contact. Such a controlling parent often feels justified in causing pain to their spouse (for having an affair or wishing to leave them and has no realization of the trauma and pain they are inflicting on the child (children) too. More and more adults, who had been alienated from their mother or father, are tracking down the lost parent and reconnecting and learning the “other side of the story”. Often when a parent is cut off, so are their grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. It is tragic



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