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Gross Misconduct by school support staff

Gross Misconduct

Except in trivial cases which will be treated as misdemeanours the following are examples of actions which constitute gross misconduct and will lead to summary dismissal:-
Refusal to carry out reasonable instructions from a superior.
Theft: either from the Company, its employees, clients, assigned schools or agents, including the unauthorised possession of any of the Company posessions, goods, materials, products or produce.

Fraud: any deliberate falsification of records or any deliberate attempt to defraud the Company or fellow employees. Fraud can include falsification of time sheets, travel claims, self-certification forms, etc.

Violence: any fighting or violence involving any fellow teacher or any other person which takes place on
the Company premises or whilst at an assigned school.

Indecency which is related to employment with the Company.

Deliberate damage to Company property, or to the property of fellow employees or to the property of an
assigned school.

Intoxication on the Company premises or the bringing of intoxicants or illegal drugs onto the Company premises at any time or onto the premises of an assigned school.

Gross carelessness or negligence: including any action or failure to act which threatens the health or safety of any fellow employee or school, pupil or teacher including any disregard of safety rules which jeopardises the safety of those on the Company premises or thepremises of an assigned school.

Failure to comply with the provisions of the Company Safety Policy or that of an assigned school.

Failure to observe the confidential nature of information concerning the Company and the any assigned

Any conduct which does or may bring the Company business into disrepute.

Breach of contract of employment: any fundamental breach of contract which renders continuation of employment impossible including failure to meet statute related provisions.

Harassment of other members of staff or of others, whether the harassment is sexual, racial or of any other kind.

Discrimination against other members of staff, applicants for employment or others which is on grounds of sex, marital status, race, colour, religion, ethnic origin, nationality or disability.

Obtaining unauthorised access to, making unauthorised use of or making unauthorised amendments to information stored on computers, computer software or computer hardware.


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