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The Many Causes of Feelings of Insecurity and Abandonment

Abandonment issues are created through early neglect or abuse by the parent(s) who are unable to love or treat the child well due to their own psychological or addictive unresolved issues. Some parents are not emotionally available to fulfill the child’s needs and they are fulfilling their own needs by turning to their addictions, career, selfishness, anger or unresolved psychological issues. Other causes of neglect happen when the parents are unavailable when they work long hours or have a large family with not enough time and resources for all of the children. As more parents get caught up in alcohol and drugs or in their narcissistic needs, our societies will have more children growing up with issues of abandonment.

The neglected child feels an absence of being taken care of by others either physically or emotionally. The child can feel fear, shame and terror and absolutely powerless and hopelessness. Out of great insecurity and feelings of powerlessness, a needy child is born. If that child’s parents raged, the child learns to either suppress due to fear of being further rejected or punished or to express great anger.


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