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Red Flags or Examples of Parental Alienation

Alienator insists that the target parent’s extended family is not the children’s “real family” or that they are no good.

Alienator tells the child(ren. that they have been replaced by the TPs new partner.

Alienator tells the child(ren. that they have been replaced by children born to the TP and any new partner – whether or not children have been born.

Alienator tells the child(ren. that they have been replaced by the TP’s new partner’s child(ren. and that they are therefore not wanted or loved by the TP.

Alienator denigrates all statements, answers, discipline and activities of the TP with regard to their child(ren. .

Alienator frequently suggests to the child(ren. that the TP and/or new partner will do harm to the child(ren. .

Alienator demands that the TP be subjected to and accept blame for any injury incurred by the child however minor and natural in the course of life.

Alienator forces the child to report minor injuries, bumps and bruises from play to a professional person as being the result of the TP and/or new partner.

Alienator shaves off the child’s hair when the cut is provided by the TP stating that the cut is bad and the hair ruined.

Alienator refuses the TP to comfort the child when injured in play.

Alienator demands medical intervention for minor illnesses (ie. Demanding antibiotics for colds. and play injuries.

Alienator undertakes “doctor shopping” until a practitioner sympathetic to their cause is found.

Alienator does not comply with appropriate medical advice from practitioners who are not sympathetic to their cause.

Alienator actively damages (cutting, tearing or staining. clothing provided for the child by the TP.

Alienator refuses reasonably required medical treatment where the TP has sought review for a serious medical condition, which impairs the child or causes them to suffer.

Alienator allows the child to undertake activities after separation from TP, which were previously refused and blames the TP for denying the child such activities.

Alienator refuses to allow the child(ren. time alone with other adults or children.

Alienator refuses to allow children to attend sleepovers with friends accusing friends parents of abuse.

Alienator refuses to allow sleepovers stating that they ‘do not want the children to see how others live.”

Alienator frequently tells the child(ren. that TP will harm them, has mental health problems etc. creating a fear of the TP.

Alienator informs the child(ren. that the TP has a criminal record for harming children.

Alienator will not allow the child(ren. to undergo any medical or psychological assessment without being present.

Alienator informs the child(ren. that they were unwanted by the TP and that the TP insisted that pregnancy be terminated.

Alienator insists that TP’s family never accepted she or the children and insisted that the pregnancy (ies. be terminated.

Alienator blames TP for poor food quality, housing quality and/or availability of funds even where child support is paid and/or alienator contact is minimal.

Alienator blames TP and new partner for stealing home, food, resources from the Alienator and child(ren. .

Alienator ignores the child(ren. when they discuss activities with the TP.

Alienator becomes angered when the child(ren. discuss activities with the TP.

Alienator becomes angered when the child(ren. express a desire to see/phone the TP.

Alienator becomes angered when child(ren. engage in mother’s/father’s day activities at school which are focused on the TP.

Alienator becomes angered when child expresses desire for contact with TP to school teachers/mates/colleagues.

Alienator removes child from school and relocates child without cause if the child expressed a desire for contact with TP.

Alienator informs child(ren. that TP is happier without them.

Alienator informs child(ren. that TP does not love them anymore, is never going to see them again, does not want them any more.

Alienator accuses the child(ren. of causing rifts/separation in the marriage.

Alienator informs child(ren. that TP is leaving THE CHILD(REN. rather than the marriage or the alienator.

Alienator accuses the TP of infidelity in earshot of the child(ren. .

Alienator writes letters ‘on behalf’ of the child(ren. claiming that the child(ren. have had input.

Alienator actively seeks to ensure that children believe that TP sends no letters, gifts or monies.

Alienator removes and destroys any items sent to the child(ren. through an outside facility (ie. School, grandparent. . This usually occurs on leaving the facility and appearing publicly to accept the items for the child.

Alienator actively destroys and discards any gifts or letters that the child(ren. do see.

Alienator insists that the child(ren. refer to TP using only a derogatory term (ie. The Bastard.

Alienator presents school teachers/principals with falsified documents/letters from practitioners or the AP.

Alienator pawns the TP’s personal and private belongings citing financial hardship to the child(ren. .

Alienator pawns or returns to the retailer, gifts from TP citing financial hardship to the children.

Alienator takes every opportunity to belittle the TP, in the presence of the child(ren. , when seeking assistance from welfare agencies and providers.

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