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Limiting/Interfering with Mail and Phone Contact

Limiting/Interfering with Mail and Phone Contact
One-third of the targeted parents reported interference with mail and phone contact. Doing so by intercepting calls, e-mails, and phone messages was reported to be a problem by 22.9% of the targeted parents.
“During the last phone conversation I had with my son, the phone was snatched from him,” “Has repeatedly instructed my son not to speak with me on the telephone while he is at her house. Repeatedly hastens my child off the phone, or makes excuses why he cannot speak with me.” “My ex refuses to allow me to speak to my boys when I call them– demanding that I ‘respect her time.’ ” “He says I am harassing him if I
use his e-mail address.”
Eliminating phone and mail contact altogether (not providing address, turning off the phone, blocking calls) was described by 9.4% of the parents. “Changing the phone number so I can’t call.” “Won’t let me call the house–I am only allowed to call her personal cell phone and leave a message. Changes home phone number if she thinks I may have it,” and 5.2% described a variation of the above, which was monitoring
calls, letters, and other forms of contact. “Refuses to let the children speak to me on the other phone without him on the other line.” “Refuses to allow the children to have a private phone conversation with me.” And “monitors our telephone conversations or has his parents do it.”
Throwing out letters was mentioned by 3.1% of the targeted parents. “Cards, letters, and gifts NEVER arrive.” “Tears up things I send to my son.” Seven percent of the survey respondents reported some “other” form of interference with mail and phone contact. These included, “Refuses to permit me to write to my child at their home or post office box and refuses to permit me to call my child at home. All communication has to go through the court-appointed advocate or our family therapist.” “Tells the girls they do not have to talk to me on the phone.” “Gave as a reason for not allowing us to e-mail that he did not think it was good that my son have access to the internet; but in the same e-mail said it was ok as long as I paid for the internet service and bought our son a new computer.” “Gave my child a cell phone but did not give me the cell phone number.”


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